Monday, 24 November 2014

Me and something else!

                                Hello everyone!I am writing this blog, because I have homework and I must and want to do it!

 OK, so I am Olivia Błoniarczyk and I'm from beautiful Poland. Have you ever been in this country? In this blog I want to write about me and my hobbies. This is true about me!

Something about me!

  • I am 13 years old.
  • I love painting, sketching, drawing etc.
  • I am in the first grade of junior high school.
  • I love dancing!
  • I love animals, too. This is my dog - Tofik.

My dog is very funny!
When I was 8 years old I used to ride a horse but now I don't have time for it.
Do you have any pets? Write about it in comments . I love reading about people's hobbies.

Next facts about me:
  • I am going to make a film about a girl who... Do you want to know it? You must watch it!
  • I have two amazing friends:
1.Julka (Julietta)
She is 12 years old and she sings beautifully.
She is perfect!

2. Madzia (Maddie)
Maddie is very shy but funny, too.
She is 13 years old.

This is the end of this post!
This is me!
Oliwia <3

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  1. Pff..You' re so funny ... I am not funny and shy. I am very very serious .. Very . In one day I am more serious than half of Tarnow in a week. I never say jokes and I never will say it. Maybe I didn't say it - I am serious.