Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Films? Definitely yes!

                             Hello!!! Today I want to talk about amazing films!!! This week I have watched about 25 films! ( in 6 days :D )

 I would like to recommend 10 of them...

Ok, so :
1.About a Boy

This film is about a boy who has a mother with depression. He meets a man who changes his life.
It's a very good and inteligent film!

2. Life as We Know It
This film is about a family with a small daughter. The parents die in a car accident.Her legal guardians are enemies to each other.
This film is a little bit funny.. You must watch it!

3.This Is Where I Leave You

It's about a family who hasn't seen each other for ages. But they must meet because their father died.

4. 50 First Dates
It's about a man who falls in love with a womam. This girl has got a very strange and rare disease. She keeps forgetting things that happened after her car accident.
This film is a comedy and tragedy in one! It is one of my favourite films!

5. Grown Ups

This comedy is about old friends. The men have very strange and very very funny adventures.

6.Grown ups 2
This is a continuation of the first part.

7. Just Go With It

This is about a man who met a pretty woman and told her he had a bad wife. And this was his first lie... This film is very funny !

8. Anger Management

This is about a man who has problems with controlling anger and he has got a secret therapy.

9. Delivery Man
This film is about a man who has got 533 children . 142 children want to meet with him!

10. Bedtime Stories

It's a comedy about a man who tells very interesting and funny stories and the next day it all really happens.

These aren't the best of film which I have seen but the films 1-10 are very good.

Good Bye ;D

PS. Sorry for a lot of the same pictures but i have a problem with my computer.